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Coming next year at WebRaptor

New year 2011

First of all, I want to wish to you all a Happy New Year! Clients, blog readers, people that make comments, spammers! Everything is like this because of you! Happy New Year!

Client Area

We are getting more and more clients, expanding throughout Europe, Asia and US. In order to better our support and services, in the beginning of the new year we will be releasing our client area. We don't currently use a client area because everything we had to do up to this point was simple. Things got a little complicated, and to ensure we preserve the high quality of our services, we will be releasing a web application which will be used for project management, collaboration, beyond the scope of what we do via email, phone calls and video chats.


We've release through the blog a jQuery plugin Awesome Slider earlier this year. We haven't stopped there, and when we release our client area we will also be releasing a products section on our website. Awesome Slider will still be free of charge (we don't plan to put a fee on it), but we will also be releasing a tracking system which will give you a tool to track clicks and conversions coming from everywhere. You'll be able to track Google Adword, Yahoo and Bing ads in Adcenter, text link ads, banner ads, blog feeds. Basically you will be able to track anything that has a link attached to it!

Here are some screenshots of the new tracking system.

Tracking system screenshot

Tracking system screenshot

Tracking system screenshot

Tracking system screenshot

Happy New Year!

Published on Tuesday, December 28th, 2010 at 4:39 pm in misc.

About Bogdan Pop

Bogdan Pop is a young Romanian entrepreneur who runs WebRaptor. He is a web developer with awesome design skills, who enjoys writing about everyday's work and usability. He relaxes by taking photos every once in a while and by mixing french electronic music. Connect with him via Twitter.

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