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MAR 2009 1

Web International Awards relaunch

I cannot believe myself that I have found the time to redesign Web International Awards. I have announced this about two or three times in the past year or so. Just before posting this article I went to my registrar because I didn't even remember when I first registered this site. It turned out that I registered it on the 26th of February 2006. It turns out that the long promised update came more than three years after it's launch which - based on my searches in the old version of the site - happened on the 7th of March, 2006.

What happened since 2006

I don't want to speak numbers, because after reaching a peak of around 300 unique visitors a day (35% of them new visitors), I didn't have anymore time to run the site and it slowly went down into the unknown. So the numbers won't be impressive at all. Surely the site had some great articles, and some really bad ones. The good ones, (the interviews) can be found in the new version. I have spent some time to move them into the new site as they have some valuable insights from famous designers. You can find the old interviews right over here: old interviews. We have hosted more than 30 monthly contests, showcasing some great sites.

What next?

First of all, I will lose the "really bad" articles. Articles that are written in 30 minutes without thinking are history. I will focus on good quality content, and post only valuable information, even if this means that the frequency of the new articles is lower than what we had back in 2006. A List Apart posts 4 articles a month and they're doing great. Why shouldn't Webia do the same.


The focus of Web International Awards will slightly change. 75% of the attention will go to posting new content: articles, interviews, reviews etc. 25% of the effort will go into the contests. Previously, there were monthly contests. But those didn't work so well, so I decided to switch to yearly contests. The submissions will open on the 1st of April. They will end on the 31st of December 2009 (or around that date). The nominees will be announced on the 1st of January 2010 (or around that date). Voting will take place for around two or three months. Around same time next year, 2009 winners will be announced.

What happened to old content?

Older content has been "removed". I do plan to move into the new site all the previous content we had, but that would take a huge amount of time. If you have some link bookmarked, please contact me and that content will show up soon in this new site.

You can view the old news, articles and contest submissions. Please note that the old site has been discontinued, and the prizes and contests announced there are no longer supported.

Published on Monday, March 23rd, 2009 at 2:20 am in misc.

About Bogdan Pop

Bogdan Pop is a young Romanian entrepreneur who runs WebRaptor. He is a web developer with awesome design skills, who enjoys writing about everyday's work and usability. He relaxes by taking photos every once in a while and by mixing french electronic music. Connect with him via Twitter.
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