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Interview with Bartosz Sulkowski, owner of Tweex

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Webia: Who are you and what do you do? Tell us something about yourself.
Bartosz: My name is Bartosz Sulkowski - know as Tweex, 21 year old graphic designer from Poland. Currently I'm studying Computer Graphic and DTP at the WSTI University in Warsaw. In future I would like to work as a graphic designer.

Webia: Describe your design style.
Bartosz: Delicate and clear but it depends what the client wants.

Webia: What is your specialization (Flash / XHTML / PHP / Graphic Design etc)? Why have you chosen this particular domain.
Bartosz: Mainly graphic design but I know XHTML, CSS, PHP, SQL (and currently I'm trying to learn Flash). I chosen graphic design because I just love this.

Webia: What is more crucial in design - professional look or usability?
Bartosz: I think both, but usability is probably more important.

Webia: What are the three things any web designer (freelancer) should know?
Bartosz: It's my closely-guarded secret [smiles].

Webia: What sort of attention has your online portfolio brought you? Would you say it's profitable to have one if you're a web designer?
Bartosz: I thing that online portfolio gives a lot - mainly new customers. Would I say it's profitable to have one? YES! [smiles].

Webia: What is your favorite software? What would be the ideal web graphic design software? What software couldn't you live without?
Bartosz: I would lie if I don't say - Photoshop. But I like GIMP (or GimpShop). Ideal web graphic design software? Software with good quality - but I think that right now Photoshop/GIMP is very good and it's that kind of software I couldn't live without.

Webia: What do you think about web 2.0?
Bartosz: Magic name of current Internet style - but in my opinion it's nothing new.

Webia: What is the first graphic software you ever used?
Bartosz: Let me think... Probably MSPaint - I was 8 year old [laughs].

Webia: How did your very first project look like?
Bartosz: I really don't remember.

Webia: Do you have any information or career advice to offer to our reading audience?
Bartosz: Just one... Always develop your skills.

This was Bartosz Sulkowski, owner of tweex.org. Thank you for your time Tweex.

Published on Sunday, November 12th, 2006 at 10:45 am in 2006.

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