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APR 2009 6

What not to do in mobile web design!

Mobile web design and development should be easy these days. We have iPhones, Androids and Blackberries which make our lives a lot easier. However, some web developers out there really cannot handle the pressure of mobile development and they do wrong big time.

What not to do! Livescore's way.

livescore.com iPhone screenshot

I am a big football fan. European football fan. Therefore, I use on a daily basis livescore.com. Livescore.com started out offering live score feeds for football games, but they now do that for tennis, hockey and their latest addition, basketball. I just love their site, how it looks, how it works, and every time I am out in a pub watching a game, I need to check out the scores. I do that using my iPhone. But I really don't like to do that. I don't like it because I am redirected to the iPhone (not mobile) version of the site. The design of the mobile version is quite ok, it looks like a iPhone web app, remember those? I don't like it because it is hard to switch from one country to another, see in depth details of some games etc. The iPhone version is kluged with javascript, and it moves really slow! I wouldn't even give a try to this mobile version if I was not obliged to do so. That's right, they do not provide any ways to get to the full site on your iPhone. Whatever you do you're redirected to the mobile version. Moreover, each sliding animation (they use slides for navigation) load twice for each action, not just once.



APR 2009 2

Stationary design showcase

I read lots of blogs and websites. I see a lot of showcase type articles every day. However, I haven't seen an article yet that showcases stationary design. I've seen logos, business card designs showcases, but no stationary design. Therefore, I wanted to fill up that space. Here's a roundup of creative stationary designs.

1. Santa express by dioxyzone

santa express stationary design

2. Design eye by wow-dg

design eye stationary design

3. Inhaus by arsenicpants

inhaus stationary design

4. 69 Monos by LemuriaDesign

69 Monos stationary design



APR 2009 3

Avoid spammers on your blog

How many times have you seen spam on your site? How many times have you struggled to insert captchas or other techniques to get rid of those bots? Well, you have finely made it, but you are now facing a new type of spammers. Humans!

There are people out there who would spend a lot in order to post comments, sign up in guest books etc, just so that they could add a link to their site while posting that comment. Heck, there are people who get paid by companies to do that on a full time basis. They may try to post relevant comment, related to your page's content, so that is why it is even harder to track down this kind of spammers.

comments areas comparison



APR 2009 2

Better home link buttons (2)

show South Park Studio screen

About a week ago I posted an article describing some enhanced home link buttons. We had CSS image replacement techniques, and jQuery replacement techniques.



MAR 2009 3

Design for grandma too!

IE 2 screenshot

So I proud myself that all websites I develop for my clients are cross browser. I usually test them on different platforms, different screen resolutions, different browsers. I use my own resources to do that, or I use online businesses that provide exactly these screening services so that you can test your site on more than 50 browsers.



MAR 2009 2

Have a blog? Let people comment!

user registration off screenshot

I ended up on Reichel Graphic Design's blog after following an article on Steven Snell's DesignM.ag. I read scanned through the above mentioned post, and after that I wanted to post a comment.

Bummer. I was asked to login in order to post my comment. I clicked the login link, hoping that I will be able to register on that page too. That was not the case. So I pursued to my goal. The site is powered by WordPress, so I knew how to end up on the new user registration page. New bummer: "User registration is currently not allowed".



MAR 2009 1

Do service marketplaces still work?

guru.com screenshot

I have been a guru.com user for about 3 years now. I remember I used to bid on interesting projects a while ago. However, I don't do that anymore because it simply doesn't work for me. The question is, do services offered by guru.com, getafreelancer.com and other still work?

I have also been in a long term partnership with a company in UK. They outsource to my company all programming part of the project. However, our contract doesn't imply design and user interface services. The backend of 2 sites have been finished since last year. Since then, the designs have changed more than free times. In fact, the design was changed every time the designer has changed.



MAR 2009 2

Multi column layout, equal height

This post was inspired by the actual development of this design. The process would have been easy but, as I wanted to add the post info (date, comments) as an ear, floating on the left of the content box, things got a little more complicated. One solution was using some technique based on faux columns, having a content wrapper and a sidewrapper. The content wrapper would float to the left. The post info box would float relative to its parent to the left, but only that would have kept the box inside the content wrapper, not right just next to it.

Floating post info box inside the content box



MAR 2009 0

Past interviews round-up

We have done a series of interviews in the past, and here's a round-up of the best ones we had.

Interview with Bjarne Christensen, talented graphic designer from Denmark

Friday, June 29th, 2007
Published in 2007 | No Comments »

Exclusive interview with Chris Coyier, owner of CSS Tricks

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007
Published in 2007 | No Comments »

Interview with Brett Borders

Thursday, April 19th, 2007
Published in 2007 | No Comments »

Interview with Chris Bewick, owner of Stompfrog.co.uk

Thursday, March 15th, 2007
Published in 2007 | No Comments »

We bring you the head of Cabedge LLC, Chris Blanz

Monday, February 19th, 2007
Published in 2007 | No Comments »

Back to back: Alessandro Benini vs Valerio Pianella from Inspiration Multimedia

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007
Published in 2007 | No Comments »

Interview with Bartosz Sulkowski, owner of Tweex

Sunday, November 12th, 2006
Published in 2006 | No Comments »

Interview with Steven Hylands

Monday, October 23rd, 2006
Published in 2006 | No Comments »

Interview with Matthew Ginop of MCG Web Development

Saturday, September 23rd, 2006
Published in 2006 | No Comments »

Behind Standards Reboot with P.J. Onori

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006
Published in 2006 | No Comments »


JAN 2009 6

Better home link buttons

Wow! I cannot believe myself that I am actually posting a new article here at Web International Awards. As I mentioned in an earlier post, it has passed quite some time since I posted anything here.

Nowadays, it is generally accepted the fact that logos placed in the header of a site usually link to the home page. Most internet users know that. Some actually don't. That's why almost every site has in the navigation menu a link saying "home", "index" or "start". What if you have so many links, and boy you'd love to de-clutter that menu. Surely, the first option would be removing the text home link. Doing this lets your visitors unable to return to the homepage unless your logo links back to the root of your domain.

The issue is that most users who do not see a text home link try to see if there's any other option to get back home. Most of them go back to the top of your page where your logo is. However, no logos out there shout "Hey, Click me ... Click me ...". There's one solution, which is very easy to implement. You can add a small css snippet to your styling sheet and make the mouse pointer change to... well, pointer. This usually happens by default on links, but you should definitely do this on anything that's clickable on your site.

The best way to do it!

One more enhancement I have seen recently is doing an image rollover to your logo. So, when anyone hovers it, transform it just like in the example below. Kingtray.com does a great job, as when you hover their logo, you see a house with an alley going up to it. What better way to say HOME ?

home link button screen

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