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Stationery design showcase (#2)

Last year we had the first post that rounded up some incredible stationeries. Today I'm going to present new interesting stationeries. Moreover, I am announcing the launch of a new WebRaptor website: Stationery Wall. Stationery Wall is, you guessed it, an online stationeries design showcase you can browse for inspiration. Although we're just launching it, Stationery Wall already contains more than 50 designs. Out of those, 5 are showcased just below. Go ahead and visit Stationery Wall and you might win a month of free advertising if you join the September contest! Details over Stationery Wall.

Stationery showcase

stationery design

H2R stationery design

stationery design

Ecocentric stationery design

stationery design

Pretty Green stationery design

stationery design

Nest stationery design

stationery design

Talent stationery design

Published on Wednesday, September 1st, 2010 at 9:20 am in showcase.

About Bogdan Pop

Bogdan Pop is a young Romanian entrepreneur who runs WebRaptor. He is a web developer with awesome design skills, who enjoys writing about everyday's work and usability. He relaxes by taking photos every once in a while and by mixing french electronic music. Connect with him via Twitter.

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